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100 Men Who Give a Damn logo Spring 2020: Supporting our Food Banks during COVID-19 -    Gents, These are weird times, no doubt. As we were giving our last cheque to SPECTRUM, Adam and I were talking about the next meeting and how it might be different. Any sort of in-person meeting, regardless of size, is out of the question. Trying to leverage technology and stream our various presenters also […]
Cait Glasson, President & Communications Liaison Coordinator, speaking at 100 Men Who Give a Damn Jan 15, 2020 Meeting Update - Our presenting charities were… SPECTRUM Rainbow Community Space Alzheimer’s Society of Waterloo Wellington St Mary’s Hospital Foundation. After hearing about all the good being done by these 3 organizations, the vote was cast and tallied, and our selected charity is SPECTRUM Rainbow Community Space! Donate now! If you haven’t yet donated to SPECTRUM, please do […]
100 Men Who Give a Damn logo Upcoming Meeting January 15th, 2020 - Co-host, Adam Smith, has been supporting Movember since 2009, but he’s changing things up. Find out why: 2 important points to remember about our January 15th meeting: We’ll again be meeting on a Wednesday We’re continuing with our new location for its accessibility, ample parking, and of course, quality beer! We’ll be at Waterloo Brewing! […]

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We exist to help those in need

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100 Men Who Give a Damn is a grassroots organization that is helping change the world – one city at a time. Started as an offshoot of 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men seeks to help those services and institutions in our communities that help those that need it. The selfish side of this – if there is one – is that during the quarterly meetings we get a chance to network. And network in a pool we might not be able to otherwise.