100 Men Who Give a Damn logo Spring 2020: Supporting our Food Banks during COVID-19 -     Gents, These are weird times, no doubt. As we were giving our last cheque to SPECTRUM, Adam and I were talking about the next meeting and how it […]
Cait Glasson, President & Communications Liaison Coordinator, speaking at 100 Men Who Give a Damn Jan 15, 2020 Meeting Update - Our presenting charities were… SPECTRUM Rainbow Community Space Alzheimer’s Society of Waterloo Wellington St Mary’s Hospital Foundation. After hearing about all the good being done by these 3 organizations, the […]
100 Men Who Give a Damn logo Upcoming Meeting January 15th, 2020 - Co-host, Adam Smith, has been supporting Movember since 2009, but he’s changing things up. Find out why: 2 important points to remember about our January 15th meeting: We’ll again be […]