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Spring 2020: Supporting our Food Banks during COVID-19




These are weird times, no doubt. As we were giving our last cheque to SPECTRUM, Adam and I were talking about the next meeting and how it might be different.

Any sort of in-person meeting, regardless of size, is out of the question. Trying to leverage technology and stream our various presenters also presents risks that we feel are unwarranted at this time.

So where are we, then? We didn’t want to cancel our giving altogether – 6 months is an awfully long time between meetings, especially when there are organizations still operating, trying desperately to keep up with a growing need for their services, so we thought we would focus our giving on the basic needs of the community: That is why we have put two donate buttons on our web site for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank.

What will be different this quarter:

  • Everyone can donate! We’re encouraging donations from anyone and everyone, whether or not they’re a member, and whether or not they’re a man.
  • Give what you can! We know some might be feeling the pinch, so if you can spare $10 then please do give. If you can manage $100 or more, please do so! Every dollar counts!
  • Participate, if you can: If you need to opt out this quarter, we understand. If that’s the case, please let us know so we don’t follow up for donations – a simple “no thanks” reply email is all we need.

We believe this is important because:

  • We believe that taking care of basic community needs is important, while the experts take care of COVID-19, isolation, etc.
  • After COVID-19 subsides we want 100 Men Who Give a Damn Waterloo Region to be strong and our members still active and interested. Please let share your feedback with us – as a member, this is your organization as much as anyone else’s!

Thank you all for giving a damn!

When we meet again, I’m hoping we will be as strong and involved as we were before this started – stronger, even. It is my and Adam’s hope that we can increase our numbers despite these things getting in our way. You guys rock, and the community thanks you!